Coaching with Sarah

At the intersection of ambition and authenticity lies conscious living.

If you are an ambitious working Mom who feels ready to live more fully, I am here to support you.

The Conscious Working Mamas I mentor are part of a new wave of women who are embracing life with ease and grace, instead of struggle and sacrifice. They’re ready to reconnect with themselves and their dreams in order to leave a legacy they’re proud of. And it is a true honor and privilege to personally guide them along their journeys.

With a combination of self-inquiry, spiritual principles, consistent powerful action, and an open honest heart, we will refine your mindset, shift your negative subconscious patterns and challenge your fears. That said, you will actually do what you set out to do feeling alive, connected and empowered as you do so.

It’s truly extraordinary.


Whether you’re seeking a promotion or you want to change careers entirely, I’ll draw on my own experience in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur to guide you through this transition. Whether you crave more balance between work and family or you’re hungry for a new adventure, I’ll share tools to help you experience fullness in all areas of your life. Whether you’re crystal clear about the changes you want to make and just need support or you feel stuck, confused and at your wit’s end, I’m here to serve with love and clarity.

As your coach, I will assist you in setting up clear, measurable goals that align with who you really are and want you desire most. In everything we do, we do it with curiosity and a true sense of wonder for making an impact.

“Sarah is an incredible coach, and an inspiring leader for women who want to live powerful, purpose-filled lives. She has an intuitive gift for sensing exactly what is needed to help me move forward and fully inhabit my creativity, freedom, and authentic power. Sarah understands what it is to find wholeness and integration in a full, busy, multi-directional life, and she is a master at helping women create their own unique life song and then sing it with passion.” – KEIKO ELIZABETH

Here’s a short list of some of the changes we can make together:

  • You’ll shift from exhaustion and overwhelm to rejuvenation and purpose.
  • We’ll replace your fear and guilt with freedom and expansion. I do this by sharing both tangible and spiritual tools you can apply to your unique situation.
  • We’ll shift your ‘I must sacrifice’ thinking into a focus on possibility and opportunity. Yes! You can experience all of who you are without the struggle.
  • You’ll learn to let go of Compare and Despair and replace it with self-compassion, self-love, and self-confidence.
  • I’ll empower you to access and rely on your intuition to guide you where you really want to go.
  • Best of all, self doubt will disappear. No more feeling like a fraud. Instead, you’ll reconnect with your Truth and inner purpose.

This level of coaching is not for everyone. So, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are 100% committed to the process and willingness to expand.
  2. You will make coaching a priority in support of honoring your personal and professional growth.
  3. You must show up and do the work. In other words, walk your talk. I get in the trenches with my clients and ask for transparency, open-heartedness, and commitment. That way, your highest vision can actually come forward.
  4. You must be financially, emotionally, and mentally willing to invest in your own growth.

“I have been working with Sarah for three months and it has been a magical and profound experience. I have gone from working hard in a business I wasn’t enjoying to working smart in my dream job. I came to Sarah for help with my job; she has been just as helpful with my personal life. I cannot thank Sarah enough and I will continue to work with her because she is so insightful, skilled, resourceful. It is a pleasure to learn and grow with her astute guidance.” – SUZANNE RAINEY

If you’re feeling like a Hell Yes, then here’s what happens next:

  1. First, reserve a spot by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and schedule a “Get conscious” call with me. This call is designed for us to get crystal clear about what you want and whether or not I’m the coach to take you there.
  2. Once you’ve grabbed a spot on my calendar, I’ll ask you to answer a few foundational and exploratory questions.
  3. From there we will talk on the phone one on one. We’ll have time to dive into some coaching plus explore how, if at all we both want to work together.

If we do end up working together, I offer in person, phone, or Skype sessions Plus, I make myself totally available between sessions over email. That way, you can move forward quickly knowing I have your back.

I work with a limited number of clients on a very intimate basis. So, please schedule time with me if you feel called and ready to do the work. If you’re on the fence, I ask that you be conscientious of the many women who have been waiting to coach with me.

I look forward to speaking soon and helping you combine your ambition with authenticity to live a fully conscious life.